Extended Distance and Disaster Recovery

Extended Distance and Disaster Recovery





培训课程: PowerHA/XD:Extended Distance and Disaster Recovery

This course is designed to teach PowerHA for AIX professionals the techniques used to plan for, configure, and manage PowerHA/XD using Geographic Logical Volume Manager (GLVM), Metro Mirror, or Global Mirror as the data replication method.  

PowerHA for AIX system administrators and support personnel who will be responsible for the implementation and maintenance of  Power p systems running PowerHA/XD clusters. 
The course is aimed at the following audience: 
Students who wish to understand PowerHA/XD concepts and how it can be used to provide automated disaster recovery. 
Students who wish to learn about how to implement GLVM, Metro Mirror or Global Mirror as a data replication method for PowerHA/XD. 
Students who wish to learn about how to manage PowerHA/XD for GLVM clusters.  

Students should have experience with installing and performing standard PowerHA for AIX configuration functions, which can be obtained through either of the following courses (or equivalent experience): 
HACMP System Administration I: Planning and Implementation (AU54), or 
PowerHA for AIX I: Implementation, Configuration and Administration (AN41) 
Note: AU54, AN41, or similar experience is a mandatory prerequisite. 
Students should also have experience with the following skills, which are prerequisites for The principles of good system management (AN44); TCP/IP Communications Concepts and Tools as covered in AU07/AN21; and LVM Concepts and Configuration as covered in AU14/AN12, and AU16/AN15. 

 Plan for data replication over a distance, considering replication method (software versus hardware), bandwidth requirements, latency, and time-to-write 
 Describe GLVM (Synchronous and Asynchronous), Metro/Global Mirror, and PowerHA/XD concepts and processing 
 Plan for and implement PowerHA/XD with GLVM and Metro/Global Mirror 
 Perform ongoing maintenance of the PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster 

 Unit 1: Disaster recovery and PowerHA/XD concepts 
 Unit 2: GLVM concepts and synchronous configuration 
 Exercise 1: PowerHA/XD reference, lab assignments, and gmdsizing 
 Exercise 2: Synchronous GLVM implementation 
 Unit 3: PowerHA/XD for GLVM and Asynchronous GLVM configuration 
 Exercise 3: PowerHA/XD for GLVM configuration and Asynchronous GLVM integration 
 Unit 4: PowerHA/XD for Metro-Mirror 
 Unit 5: PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster management 
 Exercise 4: PowerHA/XD for GLVM cluster management 
 Lab completion and open lab 


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